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The Future Of Ecommerce Website Development Beyond 2017 With Technological Evolution

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As per a report by Boston Consulting Group, ecommerce sales will reach $50-55 billion by 2021. It also predicts that the digital influence on consumers will also increase. There are two reasons for the rise in demand. The drop in Smartphone prices and lower data charges. But what’s in store beyond 2017? Will ecommerce move to an advanced level or will it perish with time? Ecommerce website development companies need to be aware about any such changes. They need to update themselves to adopt with any technological disruption.

Beyond The Click And Go Model

The concept of online shopping started with the concept of one-click. Companies like Amazon and eBay started it. One can connect, choose and buy an item. A new form of innovation took over from the traditional brick and mortar store. It facilitated shopping and made it more hassle free. One could overcome the problem of standing in a queue at the stores. Technology has made inroads in online shopping. It has made shopping more convenient for shopaholics. With location tracking and storing preferences, online shopping is a pleasure now. Quick delivery with quality has made it more popular. Today, a consumer tends to login, rather than stepping inside a store. Ecommerce website development company utilizes this opportunity and offers customized services.

Today, we live in one common world – ecommerce. It has blurred the lines of conventional shopping. New avenues have opened up with interesting options. The millennials drive this industry as it caters to all their needs. It is equal to an ecosystem where virtual world drives everything. Innovation plays an important role here. To make the concept of shopping more personalized, technology has many solutions. E commerce is one of these solutions. There are more blessings of technology. It utilizes social media to spread the message across on a global scale. More and more people thus connect with each other on a common platform.

An ecommerce website development company leverages technology. It tracks the behavior of the customer and analyzes their buying pattern. Even customers use a wide range of resources. It starts from price tolls to comparison websites. These help them to test which is the right product. We are now moving towards an advanced era. But where will it go in future? In the coming years, technology will take a giant leap. It will ease the ecommerce websites to get better results.

Ecommerce Beyond 2017

As we enter into the era of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, let us see what beholds.

Product Delivery By Drones

To reduce the time in product delivery, drones will take the centre stage. Companies are now overcoming airspace regulations to put it in place. The work of delivery agents will become easier with drones. The concept of same day delivery will reduce to few hours. Technology will amalgamate with ecommerce to offer the best product delivery experience. Hence, online shopping will garner more attention of the global audience.

Droids To Ease Ground Delivery

To reduce vehicle emissions and pollutions, droids will emerge. They are the best thing to bring evolution in transport system. Many major retail companies will enjoy this. They can save 30% transport costs. An ecommerce website development company suggests such measures. For instance: pizza delivery will become faster than ever before.

Augmented Reality To Drive Visitors

Shopping will become more interactive with augmented reality. With VR seats, customers will enjoy a real time experience with the product. One can have a lively experience while shopping. This will help the retailers to improve conversion rates. So, one can also give better customer experience. With this innovation, one can create an enthralling experience for the users.

Beyond 2017, ecommerce will change its face by helping shoppers to a great extent. 

The Technological Revolution In Ecommerce

Technology is gripping the ecommerce market. Consumers can now access to many tools with the help of social media. One can keep a track of the purchases. Social media has become a medium to give feedback about the purchases.

Technology influences ecommerce in many ways. Let us see how that’s done.

Apps Change Consumer-Retailer Relationship

Mobile apps have changed the way we look at online shopping. The concept of visiting a brick and mortar store is traditional now. Brands are taking the advantage of mobile apps. The presence of an app in the customer’s mind is a reminder of the app. Hence, retailers can keep sending push notifications to their customers. One can get instant update about any new services.

Growth Of Personalized Shopping

Great customer shopping experience is nothing new. Consumers want something more now. Technology comes as an instant solution. With personal mobile assistants automated services are going out. Creating a connection within brands is necessary. Ecommerce websites have to use robust platform for a stronger customer base. For instance: Facebook and Instagram connect users with the brand. This gives a more personalized experience.

Fast Delivery With Low Prices

Technology will drive ecommerce to give long-term benefit. Product delivery is one of the primary concerns for most of the companies. To overcome it, they will use droids that can offer faster delivery of products. It will help them to get competitive advantage over others. Ecommerce website development companies can devise this strategy. Offering robust solutions is the primary thing in ecommerce.

Small Businesses Will Takeover

Startups are showing promise as they can take over innovation. With the help of social media and Smartphones, consumers are getting an opportunity. They can now test a product before the final sale. There is a growth of startups in the market currently. An ecommerce website development service can benefit small business to a large extent. All the tech features are a pavement towards a brighter future.

Wrap Up!

With rapid technological disruptions ecommerce will flourish. The emergence of new technologies will ease ecommerce websites. Online retailers will enjoy from them. Our ecommerce website development services will ensure that you get best results. Send an email to [email protected] to let us work on your next project.

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