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5 HTML5 Mistakes Along With Solutions

Nov 07, 2016 | 4 Minutes Read

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The principle reason behind creating HTML5 was to synchronize all mobile applications in various platforms. You might get some similarity of this Hyper Text Markup Language with Adobe Flash as both these applications enable you to play both audio and video. The only difference between the two lies in the usage of components such as JavaScript and CSS3. The evolution of the language in web app development in USA started from 2012 when the World Wide Web Consortium started to lay more focus on creating a single standard application.

What Makes HTML5 Special?

With each version of HTML, it is getting better. It is no doubt that even the fifth version is going to surprise the developers. In the latest version, three new features namely audio, canvas and video empower and increase the capability of the language. Powered by these features, HTML5 has increased its capability to play both audio and video. The other notable features are the scalable vector graphics and MathML. They support the mathematical formulas. To make it easier for the end user, six more elements have come in this version; they are an article, section, header, nav, aside and footer. They enrich the semantic contents present in the document.

On the other side, there are many input elements, which are still present. It is a well-known fact that menu and cite option have been a part of HTML. They are still present in the new version with subtle changes. However, there is some syntax which doesn’t exist anymore are the centre, frame, and font. CSS has replaced them with improved capabilities. One good news is that API and DOM are now an important part of HTML5. This is one markup language, which will work on all platforms and is one of most anticipated technologies, which the web app development in USA has been waiting for.

When it comes to applicability, 153 out of 500 Fortune 500 companies use HTML5 as a programming language. Using the language has helped them to reap profits of about $4.2 trillion, which is almost 34.4% of the total revenue earned by the companies in one financial year. When it comes to industry-specific usage of the language, the materials and glass industry lead the league followed by computer software, entertainment and communication industry. Well, one important reason why web app development in USA companies flock to HTML5 is that it can easily process data like data and images.

HTML5 Mistakes Developers Make With Solutions

Regardless of the kind of application, there are some most common mistakes, which an HTML developer might make while executing it. We, as a leading company of web app development in USA are here to make you aware of those flaws along with the solution.

So, take a look at the five most common HTML5 mistakes and how to avoid them easily.

Relying on Local Storage

When the internet came to usage for the first time, one could find small data left by web applications on the computer. For instance: user data, locally shared objects and browser data from Microsoft were something, which was far behind the normal data sharing process. Depending on local storage was an impediment definitely.

Solution: Do not ever store security on a local storage disk. Doing this leaves the possibility of the data to be vulnerable to third party access. At least, it is the best solution instead of using cookies. One can store session storage and local storage values at any time.

Working With Compatible Browsers

The interpretation of HTML5 in various in different browsers. This is something which s similar to JavaScript. It is a painful thing to reduce the time between deviation in various browsers. Connecting more platforms and devices makes the problem more complicated. Some of them even ignore vital elements of HTML5.

Solution: Use web animations and run them in Chrome or Opera. Take advantage of the notification feature to enable the user from creating a web page like email delivery. Plan well, for any browser compatibility to deal with issues, in advance.

High-Performance Expectations

Just because HTML5 finds its usage in many high profile companies, you cannot expect a company that works in web app development in USA to make use of it. The reality is that many development teams are not finding the language too convenient as they expected it to be.

Solution: Do not give up your expectations so early, because many game development companies are implementing HTML5 in the finest manner possible. They are using the language even in their browsers to give even better user experience.

IDEs Makes Better WebPages

Using IDEs for developing a web page because the code is not in use, is another common mistake which developers commit. No web app development in USA using IDE can make better use of a code apart from DreamWeaver. When you write a code in one IDE it Is completely portable to another IDE.

Solution: Use a text editor like Notepad++. Now run the page in hosting or through a server. Avoid IDEs if you are new in the industry of web app development in USA. They just make thing more complex and creates an obstruction in development.

Using Too Much Text Editors

Most of the developers have the habit of using text editors while writing fresh code or modifying the code in case the code doesn’t work out easily. Any developer who is new in the web app development world can make use of it easily. Using many text editors not only creates confusion but also results in wrong coding.

Solution: Write code smoothly along with the correct extension. Notepad comes as a handy tool for writing a code. Syntax highlighting is one of the major benefits for these kinds of editors. Don’t forget to save it with the right extension.


All the mistakes mentioned above are common and is the result of implementing HTML5 directly on the website in various browsers. One must avoid the common problems to deliver the best results efficiently. One should spend more time in understanding the latest features of HTML5 and then implement them according to the project requirements.

We can assure you of the best quality web app development in USA with guaranteed positive results. All you need to do is just send us your web app requirements at [email protected].

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