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Can Coffee Script Replace JavaScript?

Sep 09, 2016 | 3 Minutes Read

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There was a time in the computing world when developers used to rely heavily on JavaScript for its usage across the web world for various purposes starting from servers, tablets, computers, HTML and smartphone. The object-oriented programming language used in bilateral qualities in the web browsers. In the subsequent time, the need for more sophisticated web app development software gave birth to advanced programming languages. One of them being CoffeeScript. As an advanced programming language, it makes JavaScript a more polished one.

CoffeeScript doesn’t assemble with VM code or binary, however, it takes the source code of JavaScript. So, there are three main USPs of this language that takes it one notch higher than a normal JavaScript programme – straight forward class definitions, whitespace syntax, lambda definitions with easy functioning. Apart from these three, it’s the perfect combination of elements like Python and Ruby, which makes it loaded with many functional features as well.

CoffeeScript Blessings in Web App Development

While writing basic codes with programming, CoffeeScript certainly climbs up the ladder with respect to any other languages. As the demand for highly concurrent applications is on the rise, there was a need for using imperative programming styles. CoffeeScript codifies the complexity present in various applications. It comes as a blessing to those  looking for a unified solution.

Write Easy Conditional Statements

Once you start using CoffeeScript, don’t write If/else statements with curly brackets and parentheses. Multi-line conditionals open with indentation. The greatness of this web app development language lies in compiling the if statements to JavaScript with a ternary operator. Don’t use any ternary statement here.  Just write a regular if statement in a single line and that’s it. CoffeeScript uses significant whitespaces to group those blocks of code; something  similar to that of Python.

Splats for Function

While working with arguments object JavaScript is a great way to work with variables and functions. CoffeeScript consists of splats for invocation and function. This makes the number of arguments easier.

More Loops With Comprehensions

All the loops written in CoffeeScript will consist of comprehensions instead of objects, ranges, and arrays. While comprehensions replace loops with optional guard clauses with the current array index; on the other hand, array comprehensions and applications is assigned. Just keep in mind that comprehensions replace those places with filter.

Array Slicing with Ranges

The role of ranges cannot be ignored while making slices. If you use two dots, the range becomes inclusive, increasing the dots further excludes the range till the end. Indices with slices have default indices. For instance: if the first index gets omitted, then the default value will be zero. On the other hand, the second index is default in accordance with the size of the array. Use the same syntax to replace the segment with an array of value by slicing it for easy web app development process.

Class Definitions

To define a class in JavaScript, it is necessary to define it in a language. It is a type of language, which has very few rules. Unlike any other languages with difficult classes to understand, CoffeeScript is easy to understand the language to define the classes.

Differences Between Coffee Script And JavaScript

By now you might have known the plenty of benefits which CoffeeScript has to offer.  Now, let’s see the differences between the two web app development programming languages.

Starting from strings to variables, lambdas, and functions, it’s very difficult to carry out such functions with JavaScript. With CoffeeScript, you can implement them in a faster process.

There are many junk codes in JavaScript. Such codes are unnecessary while it comes to communicating the intent for the function’s usability . On the other hand, CoffeeScript does not have any unnecessary codes which are not actually required.

Though both the programming languages have same function definitions and variable names, but the former is used more effectively in JavaScript.

Argument definitions and parenthesis are not optional in JavaScript. However, they are optionally used in CoffeeScript.

CoffeeScript codes are small and simple. Unlike JavaScript one’s that are long.

In case of JavaScript, there is a restriction of language by conventions. It can explain the classes through various ways but not through puzzling. In CoffeeScript, this problem is solved with class keyboard.

The presence of indentation in CoffeeScript removes the need of applying needless braces. JavaScript, on the other hand, does not make use of white space responsive language at all.

To sum it up all, CoffeeScript is an advanced version of JavaScript due to its extraordinary ability. Developer can use the core elements of JavaScript to write better and interesting codes. There will be fewer hurdles as far as debugging is concerned.

Hence, with so many advantages of CoffeeScript over JavaScript, it would be just apt to say that as far as web app development is concerned, CoffeeScript can replace JavaScript.

We undertake various web projects and work with the latest web technology. CoffeeScript is one of our expertise areas under which we have taken many projects and successfully delivered them as well. If you want to develop a web application using CoffeeScript just send us an email at [email protected].



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