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Startups needs Swift for iOS App Development

Jun 21, 2017 | 4 Minutes Read

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In 2017, developers have shifted their ways towards Swift while taking up the project of iOS or MacOS. If you are a startup and looking for iOS app development, then opting for Swift is probably the most crucial decision. Apple introduced this fresh programming language in 2014 that consist all the upper hand of C and Objective C. Swift is a powerful and spontaneous programming language for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. The recent updates show that Facebook, Mozilla, Uber, IBM, LinkedIn, and all giants have already turned their ways towards Swift. This very change leads the startups this way including the Silicon Valley measured as the fastest growing ones.

Backdrop of Swift Language

Swift has been introduced in 2014 at WWDC and has replaced objective C effectively. It was declared as open source in 2015. Thereafter, IBM and Apple mutually started investing in it. This programming language supports iOS, OSX, tvOS, and watchOS. Let’s discuss the reasons why startups are heading towards Swift.

1.  Benefit of Open Source

An open-source programming language makes the whole process immediately accessible and less costly for startup companies. Studies say open source software or language mutually help businesses to save $60 billion per year.

Swift is available on Linux and the work is done to bring Swift to windows. Swift shows great potential and it is growing really fast with the support of the open-source community. Objective-C dominated the app market from 1980 to 2014 to develop native iOS apps. However, the era put to an end with the arrival of Swift.

2.  Utmost Security with Easy maintenance

If you are a newbie in the market security is the most crucial aspect when it comes to mobile application. You point of focus should be on approaching its security with a secure app. Moreover, it is a boon indeed if the app is easy to maintain. It is safer than Objective-C in a way to handle bugs and calls to safer apps. On the other hand, Swift is much easier to maintain not having any legacy code to deal with. Swift does not have any dependencies like Objective-C cannot evolve until C evolves. So, turning your ways towards swift give you dual benefits.

3.  Easier to Read as well as Write

The best aspect concerning Swift programming languages is that it drops rehearses like ending with semicolons or utilizing deviation to encompass restrictive expressions inside if/else statements.

Furthermore, the language’s technique and function calls make utilization of the benchmark tradition of a comma-separated list of parameters. With lesser code, it causes you to get an indistinguishable outcome from per the syntax requirements. The outcomes will be clear, less complex, and more expressive language.

The lucidness of this language has made it simple for software engineers from JavaScript, Java, Python, C++, and C# to embrace Swift into their tool chain.

4.  An Extremely Innovative Approach

It’s true that the Swift is another language and it is the principle motivation behind why you should begin learning it at this moment. For the most part intended to make application development more intelligent and agreeable, Swift has made application development more available for each one of those, who are building up their own particular applications.

This is the motivation behind why Swift will be broadly used. We can consider this programming language without bounds. Along these lines, it is fitting for you to receive the rule – the more up to date – the better. You ought to be the one, who ventured into the future in the front row.

All things considered, it’s correct that some other development, Swift needs a few changes and learning. It is a decent choice that you make utilization of something that is well known; in any case, it is way better to be the one, who’s occupied with the procedure of upgrades and developments.

5.  Fat and Powerful Programming Language

From its starting, the Swift programming language was primarily created to be the quick and considered as very powerful. The codes that are composed in this language are good with the most recent equipment and get most out of them.

The syntax structure and standard library of this language guarantee that the Swift codes work incredibly. In any case, the successor of Swift to the languages C and Objective-C, and it incorporates the primitives of programming like sorts, types, administrators, and the stream controls.

Besides, the language likewise accompanies a portion of the acquired elements, containing classes, protocols, generic, and more from the object-oriented language. It conveys the Cocoa and the Cocoa Touch engineers the energy of programming that required to manufacture some capable quality applications.

It is one such programming language, which is, for the most part, worked to be something way amazing when contrasted with its ancestors. Nonetheless, the language is still in its work-in-advance mode, yet you ought to embrace this top of the line language because of its new and unfamiliar potential that will make it less demanding to code.

6.  Less Code Leads to Fewer Chances of Errors

As of now specified that Swift requires less code than other programming languages, the odds of mistakes will be less. As a useful programming language, Swift is exceptionally well known for supporting passing capacities as factors.

In this manner, you can grow exceedingly generic code that can do a ton of astounding things, diminishing redundancy and endeavors. Alongside this present, Swift’s expectable conduct when an invalid discretionary variable is utilized, this is the programming language that triggers a runtime crash.

The bang energizes up the bug-settling process on account of its predictable conduct and it strengths clients to settle the issue quickly. Henceforth, it will decrease the improvement time.

Previously mentioned reasons will most likely make you prepared to embrace Swift for building iOS applications. These reasons are sufficient for any iOS engineer to embrace this top of the line and intense programming language that makes improvement simple.

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