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ZincNow – An Event Photo Sharing iOS App

Apr 03, 2015 | 3 Minutes Read

What's Inside

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Project Initiation: August 2014
Project Completion: January 2015
Total Time Taken: 5 months
Project Type: Event Photo Sharing App
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch. Optimized for iPhone5

You must have come across a number of event photo sharing iOS apps and we agree that they all have something unique in them. And with the world turning tip-to-toes into click-o-maniacs, photo sharing apps have been the hot favorite among Smart users.

Zinc is also a social photo-sharing platform that has many stored app goodies for their users. Unlike others, this event photo sharing app crowdsources photos from friends and other event participants quickly and painlessly.

USP:  You no longer need to remind your friends to send you their photos from the “One Direction Live Concert” or from the “Prom Nights.” Whether you have taken the snaps or not, event photos will be on your profile feed instantly anytime and anywhere.

Too easy! Zinc works in just three steps –

How to Use Zinc

  1. Upload photos from the event you want to share to the Zinc photo library
  2. Select one photo and click ‘Create Event’
  3. Enter the event details, and click ‘Save Event’

VOILA! You’re done…

Zinc will do the rest for you. It will start sensing which of your other photo belongs to the album, not only that it also helps you friends and other active users know that the photos they have photos belongs there as well.

No matter what you spend on professional event photography, you know that the guests are going to record the event whole day – every corner and glitches starting from the stage to the crowd, lights to food stalls. Thus, several apps have made it to the App and Play Store to crowdsource photos under a single album. It allows you to access snapshots captured at the next festival, party or wedding you attend.

How UIPL Helped ZincNow

ZincNow also wanted to work on a crowdsourced photo-sharing app, but with a twist.
Zinc people wanted something exclusive and unique that will help them to revolutionize the world of event photo sharing. As most of the app was doing well in their respective features, Zinc took on the idea of geo-tagging and location based photo detection. Thus, reduce your effort to search for a location based event album. You simply need to add the photos and leave the rest to Zinc.

At UIPL, we just did the same what Zinc wanted. However, we faced many technical challenges in the design and the architecture but our developers did it finally! Flexibility, scale, and high availability are core considerations. The app is fun and has a sticky user experience. We made sure that the app maintains quality and speed while sharing photos of different sizes across diverse devices in real-time. Mainly we developed the app for iOS platform in the first phase, but Zinc plans to launch multiple OS versions soon. Offering high security is always a critical option, it’s important for the app to protect the users information and content giving them the power to connect each other, create albums and share visual contents at a granular level.

Developing ZincNow at Our Lab…

Zinc people required an agile development model, which meant continuous delivery of a consistently production-ready app with enhancements. The short time frame requires full focus on the essential features and attentive management of the requirements under variety of stakeholders.

Its common for the apps to look for balance of feature inclusion, performance and quality, cost-effectiveness, and time to market. But for Zinc’s case they required higher confidentiality, intense competition and potentially huge visibility. And the project became intently successful in the hands of mature and experienced software architects and designers.

Most unique feature is their sharing option which ranges from – Private profiles, friends of friends sharing, public and more.

Exciting Features to Keep You Glued to the App

  1. It is able to sync all photos from you, your friends and others in a consistent timeline. Well, the app makes sure of no random assortment of photos.
  2. You can keep a tab on your friends list and decide on the audience with whom you want to share the event photos.
  3. Enables location based photo sharing and tag photos that belong to any particular event saving you to sift from camera roll
  4. You can create 5 (max) #hashtags to popularize one event

To know their other features you need to install the app and enjoy a breakthrough experience photo-sharing world.

How Can You Access Zinc?

You can sign in to the ZincNow app with your phone number. It adds up your friend from the contact list, and if someone is not registered on the app, you can easily send an invitation to add him or her – Just like Whatsapp! If you lose your mobile, the photos won’t. You can soon access it if you log it with the same phone number or from a friends iPhone, that’s terrific! No loss of data, as images saves on the database.


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It really transcends everything we’ve done to date. Everyone who’s seen the app has loved it.

Cecil Usher

CEO, Music Plug LLC

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The team’s in-depth knowledge of user interaction and behavior resulted in an impressive UI/UX design.

Leonardo Rodriguez

Technical PM, Reliable Group

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They’re available to help us around the clock.

Fabien Mahieu

Co-Founder/Director Flexiwork, UK

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