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Building an SEO-Friendly Mobile Website Designs

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The most critical mission of today is go mobile and after April 21 you must join the bandwagon of mobile commerce Google is going to reward you based on your mobile presence. Now you can make your business get a slog over there. You need to play every ball of the match and score at least the optimum score to make a viable mobile presence.

We came across the recent guide in SEO PowerSuite where it shows that 90 percent of the users switch between devices to accomplish a goal and mostly are shopping websites.

Mobile is the most critical mission because –

  • It has become the mainstream since the launch of iPhone in 2007 and following them in the next twelve months other mobile manufacturers started to release their products. Today there are more than seventy percent people in US are using Smartphone.
  • Mobile searchers are potential buyers and over 50 percent of the people uses to their mobile to decide what to buy and where to buy it. In 2013, more than 30 billion inbound sales calls to US came from the mobile searchers.
  • The mobile searchers are going to take an action soon, 76% takes the action on the same and 63% within few hours.
  • Google is putting more emphasis on the mobile presence of a particular website. The business with a poor mobile presence suffers a setback and a potential downgrade in their purchase status, so they are pushing business to make mobile-friendly websites.

What is a mobile-friendly website?

As a mobile website design company, we have been working hard to make our clients understand the need of mobile-friendly websites, who drop us with queries –

  1. As per Google, a mobile website is a platform or an environment that avoids software that is not common to mobiles such as Flash.
  2. Use of texts that are readable from any distance without zooming
  3. Optimizing the content to fit different screen size and users do not have to scroll or zoom
  4. Placing links far enough so that users can tap the correct one easily

Therefore, how our clients can make a SEO-friendly mobile website to bolster the business action and increase the mobile customer database.

They can optimize for the mobile local search. Among the twenty percent searches of Google four billion searches is local and on mobile, it is close to 50 percent. If you run a local business, you must make sure that your business is visible to mobile users. For that

  • Make sure you have listed yourself in Google, Yahoo, Bing’s “Local”

This will help your companies with a physical address within the city to appear in the search query. Local listings appear above the organic results this means a mobile user is going to see your local listing at first once they scroll past the paid listings. Well, there are more than 250 local directories such as Google Maps, Yahoo, Mapquest, Bing, Yellowbook, Yelp, Superpages and Apple Maps, Internet Yellow Pages, and review sites your local business ought to be listed on for better mobile presence.

Depending on the budget and competition, you can use the paid marketing tool to generate leads from the mobile searchers.

  • You can choose a mobile solution – responsive design, parallel mobile, and dynamic serving

Responsive Design

That flexible layout responds automatically to the screen size of the device used

Parallel Mobile 

Well, this concept is of a duplicate mobile site and a separate URL such as and more the mobile visitors it will

Dynamic Serving 

It serves as a different page, depending on the device, but on the same URL

NOTE: If you have hosted your website on WordPress you can use Google’s mobile-friendly test page to see if it’s mobile-friendly.

  • Make it easy for the mobile searchers to call or search your business

User activity on your mobile site is yet another activity and considered as the greatest ranking factor. Do make sure that they have easy access to the call to action buttons and map.

Make sure the pages do not take much time to load

Reduce number of HTTP requests and optimize your images that will make your website load faster. Check in with Google Page Speed Insight to know where the problem exactly lies and know how to fix them. Here are some techniques that we prefer to use in our lab while developing SEO-friendly Mobile website designs.

  1. Have just one external CSS file and one external script file.
  2. Make sure to place the internal JavaScript at the bottom of your HTML, before the closing body tag.
  3. Minify CSS and JavaScript
  4. You can combine multiple images requests into just one with CSS Sprites
  5. Use Date URLs
  6. Make sure to avoid HTTP requests by tracking and reducing broken links
  7. Make sure to have browser caching
  8. As for optimizing images, you can use jQuery plugin or responsive image solutionto swap larger images with smaller ones.

Must avoid some common mistakes

  1. Stop using pop-ups they simply do not work on mobile devices we do not to use it
  2. Google’s indexing system used to resemble old text-only browsers, so search engines did not need to crawl. Therefore, to prevent unnecessary crawls webmasters would often block these files in robots.txt, but in past November 2014 Google officially announced that if you interfere with the indexing could hurt your rankings.
  3. If you run a parallel mobile site, mobile users redirects to the corresponding mobile version of each page. If your site redirects the mobile users to the mobile site’s homepage both for the Googlebot and the users is really a problems, faulty redirects is one thing that we work on

Whatever may be you need to promote on mobile, as your business might belong to a variety of domain, you must build a strong mobile presence. As a mobile website design service, we have been providing our customer with mobile friendly design as per Google Algorithm update
Hire our mobile website developers today! Get attractive solutions and deals!


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