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E-Commerce Web Development: Your Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Payment Gateway

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“Don’t optimize for conversions, optimize for revenue,” this quote by Neil Patel perfectly sums up the purpose of all e-commerce websites around the world, which is to generate revenue at the end of the day. In any e-commerce website, check out is one of the most important features. It is the sole factor in e-commerce web development that decides whether a customer is going to visit a website, next time or not. Repeat customers are important criteria that decide the fate of an e-commerce website.

So, while comes to selecting the right payment gateway, multiple factors such as smooth check out process, the mobile responsiveness of the payment site and much more are to be seen. Every purchaser wants his or her payment to be the most secure and hence looks for trustworthy websites, which would give them the ultimate shopping experience.

Once you go through this blog, you will easily be able to know about the various e-commerce payment gateways

Paypal: Payment gateway such as this is the ultimate solution for handling payment process if your online business venture has been set up for the first time. Till date, it has been the favorite option for most of the entrepreneurs. It is reliable and has been trusted by millions of customers around the world

Why should you use Paypal ?

No merchant account is required

No hassles for SSL certification

Take advantage of PAYG model from Paypal especially for start-ups

Multiple card payments accepted

Works with WordPress based e-commerce websites

Zero monthly charges

Stripe: It’s new in the world of e-commerce payment and is slowly establishing them as one of the leading e-payment gateways. Starting from an e-commerce website to a mobile app, it’s strong and user-friendly features will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Why should you use Stripe?

No PCI compliance required for recurring card payments

Customized for startups and small businesses

Zero monthly fees

Flat rate of 2.9% – 5% on all transactions

Merchant account is not mandatory

Authorize.Net: This easy to integrate platform allows you to make customized payment forms, which are available on their servers. Though this platform comes with a certain price tag but they are powerful as well. Cost of the business houses that uses WordPress as their content management platform makes use of Authorize.Net

Why should you use Authorize.Net?

Compliant with PCI DSS

Options for multiple payments starting from customer information management to recurring payments

Easy integration with any kind of e-commerce software

Availability of QuickBooks for better integration

Fees within your budget

Unique settings for all kinds of e-commerce stores

Intuit: It might have been one of the oldest payment gateways, but it is the most professional one. It offers merchants a complete package in terms of providing the best e-commerce web development solutions. Though it’s best to use it in the US, however, it can be used in other countries as well.

Why should you use Intuit?

4% is charged on each transaction while swiped

Advanced integration process with e-commerce platform

Monthly fees not required

Easy process to get a merchant account

It serves as the best option for combining it with software like QuickBooks

WorldPay: As far as safe and secure transactions in e-commerce web development is concerned, WorldPay is the most convenient and trusted platform. With their competitive rates and a host of services, they are one of the big players while it comes to secure e-commerce platforms.

Why should you use WorldPay?

Less time in getting merchant accounts for your business

Presence of multi-channel helps to expand the network of your business easily

eInvoicing service available for those who want to use invoice in their business

Integration with Paypal for faster payments

Fees reduction with large sales

Few Ways To Improve Your Checkout Process

If you are experiencing a frequent bounce rates from the checkout process page of your e-commerce website, then here are few ways on how to improve it and make the process of transaction faster and easier.

A Mobile Responsive Check Out

Complicated navigation, small product images and difficult check out process are the primary points that make it too difficult for a prospective customer to complete the transaction process while shopping online. In addition to this, the display processes of a website are the contributing factors that make it difficult to complete the checkout process. So, as an online entrepreneur, it is important to make the checkout process mobile responsive.

Use Multiple Payment Options

In e-commerce web development, payment is considered as one of the primary factors upon which the popularity of a website depends on. Paypal is a must to have payment options as this is one of the most popular payment gateways for your website. In addition to this, you can also do a research and get a fair idea about the other ways of payment modes, which is convenient for your customers.

More Security Features Everywhere

It has been researched and found out that one of the primary reasons for customers to abandon the shopping cart is due to their distrust as far as the safety and security of the website are concerned. May be that’s the reason why Bitcoin is becoming an emerging concept in the field of e-commerce web development.

Stop Asking More Information

The endless number of personal information that the user has to fill in not only irritates him, but also forces him to easily shift to a competitor’s website. This is a great loss for an e-commerce web development site whose operations have just started. So, it is better to ask the user for minimum information. This will ensure a smooth and a memorable shopping experience for the buyer.

To offer customers a comprehensive and an immersive experience, e-commerce websites are introducing new features, bringing updated products along with other innovative solutions. Payment gateways are one of the major characteristics on which online entrepreneurs are focusing as this is the most deciding factors for retaining customers on a long-term basis.

Turn your shopping carts into sales generating machine with our sophisticated e-commerce web development services. All you have to do is just send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

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