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The Big Data darling of today is none other than Hadoop. Making business savvy, and fits every need. It is an open source software project that enables distribution of processing large data set across a number of commodity servers. Hadoop is designed in a unique manner to scale the single server to thousands of machines with a high degree of fault tolerance.

Rather than relying on high-end hardware, the flexibility of the clusters with software’s ability helps to detect and handle failures in the application layer itself. You get a massive storage space for any type of data, huge processing power and ability to handle limitless co-existing tasks.
Explore some interesting facts of Hadoop, how it facilitates and brightens up the future of various web design services in New York.


With emerging big data trends in almost every industry, there is an increased demand of HADOOP. Big data has been changing the manner in which buyers, sellers, real estate, and banks think about the transactions. Financial companies are leveraging big data to transform their processes and organizations to build new products and services, manage risk in loan portfolios, fraud detection, and prevention, etc.

Healthcare industries also have found huge benefits by investing in Hadoop over a range of services such as providing personalized medicine, cancer treatment and genomics, monitoring patient vitals, fraud prevention and detection of healthcare insurance, etc. As for retail industries, they are using Hadoop to personalize the shopping experience.

Have a Look at the Top Companies Using Hadoop

Facebook – a social networking site uses Hadoop to source reporting and machine learning

Twitter – a microblogging site, which uses Hadoop to store and process tweets and log files

LinkedIn – the professional social networking site that enable user to discover people, they may know using Hadoop

Yahoo! – uses hadoop to scale tests

eBay – uses hadoop for search engine optimization and research

Alibaba – for them Hadoop helps to analyze the vertical search engine

Adobe – for them Hadoop manages social service to structured data

It’s just not the Big Daddies, but small to medium-sized companies can also use Hadoop for their business and boost their revenue. Do you want to know how Hadoop brought them success or how can you get successful with Hadoop, then read on…

Let us share a brief overview of Hadoop before we dig into the big possibilities it can bring for your company.


The web has been growing since the late 1900s. Search indexes and engines came into being to help users locate relevant information amidst the huge text floating across the web. The growth of the web from dozens to millions of pages required automation. Web crawlers and some of the search engines started their journey in the meantime – such as Yahoo, Alta-Vista (from July 2013 they have ceased all their operations) etc.

Yet another project on open-source web search engine called Nutch (brainchild of Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella). They were after a way to return the web search results faster simply distributing the data across different computers to accomplish multiple tasks at a time. Google also came up with their search engine project based on the similar concept, simply sorting and processing the data in a distributed manner, and automating the way. In the year 2006, Cutting joined Yahoo and took along with him the Nutch project.

Today Hadoop is the framework and ecosystem of technologies managed and maintained by the non-profit Apache Software Foundation (ASF, which is a global community of the software developers and contributors operating since 1999)


With huge data volumes and space, stuff increased varieties of social media to Internet of Things (IoT), are some of the key considerations. However, some other benefits of Hadoop are–

Computing Power – It helps to distribute the computing model and quickly process big data.

Flexible Service – Compared to the conventional relational databases, you no longer need to pre-process the data before you store it. You can store as much as data you feel and take the decision later on how to use them.

Fault Tolerance – If the node goes down, jobs automatically redirect to make sure the distributed computing does not fall short. It automatically starts storing multiple copies of a data.

Affordable Cost – This open source framework is free and uses the commodity hardware to store huge quantities of data.

Scalable Operations – You can easily grow the system simply adding more nodes and requires very little administration.


As per Forrester Research, 60% of organizations points towards the increased revenue, and improving their strategic role in business initiatives within next 12 months. That is why you need to give your business the touch of Hadoop.

Doing so will increase your likelihood and give importance to the desired area of your business. Subsequently, you will get a better chance to buy-in from across multiple stakeholders.

Since, not all organization is created equally and that in some circumstances the opportunity in business lies somewhere else. As stated above we mentioned about some key players in the business, but small to medium sized business can also use Hadoop for a number of benefits.

1.Hadoop can help you optimize customer interactions across channels thus maximizing revenue and creating best customer experience.

2.Hadoop will help you to streamline the business, assess product consumption in real time, and drive the most efficient business processes.

3.With Hadoop, you can meet risk and compliance policies while upholding the core ethics and governance values of your business.


Unified will be helping you to use Hadoop and seek more business value, in such a way that it is quantifiable. We can drive you with improved marketing conversion through a better use of data. We will further understand how improvement affects revenues and help your business pull all the attention from the potential customers. Moreover, we will find ways to put the impact in such terms, that your business stakeholders live day in and day out and that they can relate.

Some of the Hadoop Services We Provide –

Big Data Consulting – We provide consulting services and implement Big Data solutions for your organization after in-depth study of your business

Data Migration and Integration – With the use of Data integration, you can transfer data to Big Data platform and enable Data governance. Get view of all information on Hadoop & access your data whenever you need.

Data Query & Exploration – Get access all types of data whether structured, unstructured or semi-structured.

Analytics Solutions – We help you to analyze business data and gauge performance. With advanced analytics, we let you manage huge volumes of data and help you take smart business decisions.

Monitoring Services – We will help you evaluate your performance in the big data platform and optimize the performance of your platform without compromising security.

Get to know how we have embraced this new technology to help our web redesign services in USA take a giant leap in the future of technology. It’s time to add wings to your business with Hadoop and join the revolution of smart business, climbing the cloud!

To know more about the Hadoop services, drop us your mail at [email protected] and seek FREE consultation from our EXPERTS!

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