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Six Sureshot Ways To Boost Traffic Through Website Redesign in USA

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As per Hubspot, the bounce rate of a website increases due to two factors – users are unable to find the right information they look for and the web page was very complicated when it came to using it. The market of website redesign in New York, USA is changing today. A well-designed website rests on a number of factors like research about the customers, rebranding and implementing the research insight in the website for successful implementation.

Website Redesign – The Necessity 

The tradition of using Flash to make an attractive website has long been out of the trend. A dull looking website drives away all the traffic and most importantly fails to connect with the customers. Users always look for more engaging things that bring out the best and let them feel more special. Website redesign in USA has gone a level up by offering its targeted customers a redesigned website with a completely new appearance and a fresh new look. The online world is today replete with a number of websites along with appealing designs. To stand out among them requires a strong USP. If you have that,as a businessman, then it’s good, or else there is one more way out – Website redesign.

A great website redesign constitutes taking care of all aspects present in your website. The primary task here is not only concerned with changing the designing elements, rather it also includes changing the non-designing elements as well. For instance: changing the navigational structure, coding and other technical aspects of a page. Making such changes can bring direct results for your company and ensure guaranteed positive changes in the company’s growth. This is one aspect of a business, which always brings success. So, the next time you go for a redesign, you must know that it is not one but multiple aspects taken together to change a website.

If the question “Should I go for a website redesign?” is still making rounds around your head, then we must say that you will reap the following benefits if you go for one.

Create a mobile friendly website

Give a more professional look

Break the monotonous design from a user’s perspective

Score over the call-to-action words

Live up to the expectations of the customers

Well, by now you must have realized about the necessity of website redesign in today’s world.

Boosting Website Traffic With a Great Redesign

Redesigning your website can really fetch some very good results. If you apply them in the correct way, then it is time to brush up your redesigning skills and start getting the maximum leads for your website.

But how will you do it?

Don’t worry as a company that deals in website redesign in USA, we are here to give you a complete solution on how will you utilize your skills to redesign a website and get the maximum website visitors.

Keep An Eye Over Analytics

Analyze the current behavior of your target customers. Once you have analyzed it, then keep a record of it. This will include the number of visitors in your website, bounce rate, time spent on the website, domain authority, a number of leads and the total sales generated. The best way to do it is by keeping a Google Analytics account.

Overcome Difficulties With Assets

Redesigning a web page comes with a hefty price if you have not taken any backup previously. Your current website consists of many assets. By ‘assets,’ we mean the most shared content, the page with the maximum traffic and the number of inbound links. So, before redesigning a web page, always keep a backup of all your data.

Design For the Target Audience

Believe it or not! If you are not successful in making a website interesting to the users, they will abandon the website immediately. It is, therefore, necessary to speak them in their language. Study closely about their tastes and preferences and know the thing they like the best. You can then accordingly make the website.

Optimize Your Website

You can call this as the golden rule. Yes, optimizing your website can bring all those loose ends together and make it a better one in terms of visibility in the search engine. You can do this by keeping an account of your most researched page, creating a 301 redirecting strategy and know your shortcomings. Remember, that every page requires a keyword to drive more visitors. Take advantage of SEO and optimize your header and footer tags.

Make a Great Content Strategy

A great content on a website is the key towards getting more customers. Fresh content with relevant keywords not only brings more traffic to the website, in fact, it also generates more leads. You can start with a blog with relevant information about the current industry trends or any other updates. Write press releases of your products giving more information about your products and services.

Target Your Audience Well

No marketing is possible without the right knowledge of the customer base. As a businessman, it is mandatory for you to know about the likes and dislikes of your customers. Once you are aware of your preferences, you can easily understand what do they expect from you.

Tracking The Changes After Redesign

Merely implementing the changes doesn’t suffice. You need to measure its effects as well. Factors like bounce rate matter a lot. Website redesign in USA will not be successful until and unless you measure its efficiency.

Benchmark Your Performance: You can evaluate the current performance of the website in three ways – goal conversion rate, bounce rate and page visit per session. You can track the goal conversion rates with Google analytics. At the same time, it also shows the percentage of bounce rate. Pages per session time will help you to determine the average time spent by the user on your website.

Keep A Track On Traffic Quality: Now that you have got a new appearance for your website, it is very important that you keep a constant watch on the traffic movement. Keep a watch to assess whether website redesign has doubled or not as compared with the previous designs. This will give you a fair idea about the impact of adding or deleting a particular element from a website.

Generate A Report: With the help of Google Analytics, you can prepare a report and maintain it throughout the year to compare the performance of your website right after the website redesign in USA. It is a very easy process to keep on evaluating your website’s performance and improve it subsequently. No need to rely on any external sources, these tools will help you to constantly monitor the performance.

Wrap Up

With the change in preferences of customers, there is an increasing need of website redesign in USA today. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to live up to their expectations. One of the ways to do is by redesigning your website if needed. However, it is always recommended that you always take a backup first before going for a redesign.

Are you experiencing a drop in the number of visitors in your website or do you think that your current design is dull? Then we can give your website a new makeover with guaranteed increase in visitors and more leads. Just send us an email at [email protected] with your requirements and we will get back with you.

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