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How To Redesign A Website – Secrets Revealed

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So, you’ve just launched a brand new website for your business and expecting loads of online clients. All in all, you’re very excited!

However, even after enough time, there is no business from your website. There are no clients coming in, and the bounce rate is sky-high even after trying out all the web page tricks. And you kind of feel like a kid being handed socks as presents on Christmas morning…

Now, before you compile the best in class strategists to find out where you went wrong with the website strategy, hear us out— it’s probably the design that crushed all your dreams of getting high numbers of clients from the website. 

It might seem fake, but it’s true. When browsing for any product, most site visitors are going to check out the design of your website before they check the content to determine if your product is credible enough. If you can’t impress them with the design then forget about impressing them with the content. 

So, what should you do in this situation? Well, the most obvious solution is the website redesign. Partially or completely overhauling the website design to make it user-friendly can go a long way to ensure the success of the website. Now if you are thinking about how to redesign a website, then you’re at the right place, cause we are going to tell you about all the steps you need to follow to redesign your website for better.

The Steps To Be Taken: For The Redesigning Of Your Website

Before we dive into the details on how to redesign your website to answer all your web redesign questions, let’s have a quick look at all the steps you need to take to redesign your website-

  1. Analyze your old website design
  2. Find ELTWO: Elements that work
  3. Make proper use of your user data
  4. Build your idea wireframes
  5. List the elements that need a redesign

Now that we have the web redesign checklist, let’s go through them and see what they entail.

Step By Step Process Of Redesigning Your Personal Website

The process of redesigning your personal website is pretty simple. It’s all about recognizing the problem areas of the design of your website and then designing them again to match the requirements of your business.

However, before you hire website redesign services, you have to understand the steps, and below, we have discussed each of them in detail. 

1. Before Changing The Old, Let’s Analyze It

Before you begin the website redesign process, stop and look at the already established design you have on your website. This will help you to design the website design strategy template to draw up the web redesign proposal. 

analyzing before you find out how to redesign a website

It is important for you to analyze the old design because you have to circle out the flaws of the old design to change them. Redesigning the website without analyzing the old design will only create more problems. Before understanding the website redesign requirements, you have to understand why you need redesign in the first place. 

If you are asking why to redesign a website, then you need to analyze the old design of the text. Pretty sure you will find many reasons to redesign your website Here are a few of those reasons-

A: The Design Is Ages Old

The first reason why you would need to redesign your website is the age of the design. We all know that fine wine is something that ages well, sadly it is not the same when it comes to website design. The design of a website needs to be updated with time, adapting to the latest design trends and techniques. Failing to do so will make your website look positively medieval, and that is not going to be appealing to the website visitors. 

B: Designing Better UX

The second reason why you might have to redesign your website is to give the users a better UX. if the UX of the website is not up to par, you might receive complaints, or maybe have the bounce rate speak on behalf of the users. In any case, designing a better UX can be one of the main reasons why you might find yourself having to go through the web revamp process. 

C: Integration Of Latest Tools

Technology is advancing by the minutes. And that’s why we have more tools available for website designing today than we had last year. And it goes without saying that to leverage the best of these tools, you have to redesign your website to match their technical requirements. 

2. Finding ELTWO: Elements That Work

Just because your website needs redesigning, does not mean everything needs to be changed. In fact, you will find that many aspects of your website work perfectly fine. And if they do work fine, then there’s no need for any web design changes. 

elements that work in website redesign

These elements can include the logo, images, typography, or the colors used on the website, anything. When analyzing the old design of your website, if you happen to find any elements of the design that works perfectly fine, you should integrate them into your website seamlessly. 

3. Make Use Of The User Data

Understanding the user from the very beginning of the website design process should’ve been a priority for you. But if you failed to apply it, then no worries, you can do it during the redesign. 

You will collect plenty of data throughout the operation period to analyze and learn what exactly went wrong with the design of your website in the first place. This user data will answer all your questions about where the users got stuck while navigating the page, where they got exhausted and left the page altogether. It will help you recognize all the snags in the design and smooth it out. 

4. Build Wireframes

How about before you redesign and launch it, you build an interactive MVP or wireframe, and have it tested?

website redesign tips
Web design wireframe idealized by Unified Infotech

It will help you to have built a wireframe first and have it tested before actually implementing the design. You can collect data on how hard or easy it was for the users to navigate through the entire design, the points they got stuck on and the navigational points they were confused about. Creating a wireframe before redesigning is going to only enhance the benefits of the redesign process. 

5. List The Elements That Need Redesign

Now we come to the most important part- the design. 

Of course, when talking about website redesign we can not skip over the part of the design. There are many elements of designing you have to take care of while redesigning. Below are a few of them.

A: Make It Responsive

The first design element you have to consider is the responsiveness of the website. You need to keep in mind that today most people will be using their phones to access your website. And in order to accommodate them, you have to make sure that your website is responsive. 

how to redesign a website and make it responsive

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to turn your website into a responsive website and helps a lot to impress and convert clients. So if your website is not already mobile-friendly, then make sure that it is during the redesign phase. 

B: Using Proper Images And Illustrations

We have briefly talked about the importance of visual design, but for this point, we have to talk about it in detail. 

The visual impact of the website design is more important than you think. Apparently, 46.1% of visitors on a website decide on the credibility of the website after looking at the design. This is why to make the most of the visual impact, you have to use authentic images and illustrations that are relevant to your product. 

It is an easier and perhaps even cheaper solution to use stock images and illustrations you might find online. But, they are not going to help with the credibility of the website. Even though these photographs are of high quality, they still seem fake, and you can not increase consumer trust in your brand with fake images. 

how to redesign a website and not ruin it

The use of authentic images will help users to build up trust in you. So, conduct a photoshoot, or have your hired designers from website redesigning company design up some original and unique illustrations. Sure it might be a little costly and time consuming, but the positive effect of it will be worth it. 

C: Branding Through Colors And Logo

When analyzing your previous design, make sure to check if the entire aesthetic of the website, including texts and typography, colors and logo are matching your brand value. Is it how you want your business to be known? If not, then you have to opt for a complete redesign for your website to reflect the brand of your business.

Among the many aspects that’ll affect the brand image of your website are color and logo. In the long haul, users are going to remember you by the colors you used and the logo of your business. For maximum effect, you have to place the logo on the top left corner of the page. That is where the user is going to look first to find the logo. 

Analyzing the famous brands in the market will help us better understand the importance of color in branding. Think of Facebook, what color do you see? Is it blue? That’s because from the beginning facebook has used the color blue to present themselves as a calm, secure and steadfast social media platform. The color of your website should reflect the nature of your business. 

When rebranding becomes necessary during redesigning, ensure that the color you choose for your brand reflects the value of what your business does, along with invoking a positive emotion among them. This simple decision will go a long way to make your brand a world-famous one. 

D: Adding Landing Pages

If the conversion is one of the main website redesign objectives for your website, then you have to make sure to create new landing pages. The landing pages are going to be focused on converting the site visitors through discounts, offers, or email subscriptions list. The conversion rate of your website is definitely going to rise with the right landing pages. 

website's contact us concept landing page

Once you have the proper landing pages in place, analyze the user response to them. When you run website optimization reports, you will get a whole lot of insight into how the user is reacting to the page you have designed. And based on that insight and web page design ideas and tips you can later change the design to match their requirements. 

The above-mentioned points can be a little overwhelming, but that does not mean it’s impossible to achieve the perfect redesign. Don’t believe us? Well, let us tell you all about the web redesign best practices we follow at Unified Infotech. And once we are done, you have to believe us when we say, website redesign might seem daunting, but it is easy as well. 

Best Practices That We Follow

To deliver the best product in the market, you have to follow some best practices in the market. And throughout the years we have gathered enough experience to create a list of best practices we follow like the sacred texts. What are these best practices you ask? Well, let’s see-

A: We Know The Secret Language Of Design

Designing a website is all about earning the trust of the user through the psychological influences of the design principles. And when it comes to following the web design principles popular in New York and other areas, no one can do it better than us. 

web design principles

We make sure to follow all of the important design principles, whether we are talking about the rule of the third or the proper use of negative space. We focus on design principles that bring on maximum conversion for your business. At the end of the day, the design is not just a matter of aesthetics, it is a matter of fulfilling your website revamp objectives. 

B: We Can Help The Users To Find Their Way: On Your Website

When we talk about navigation, we don’t mean navigation of a ship, but the navigation of a website. We make sure that the navigational flow from pages to pages on the website is smooth and without any hitches so that users can go from point A to point B on the website without any problems. We strive to make the navigation of the website so easy that the user feels like an expert sailor, of the internet. 

C: No More Confusion For The Users When Making Choices

Presenting the users with so many options will only make them confused and dazed. And that’s why we follow the Hick-Hyman Law. According to the law, narrowing down the choices presented to the user to the very basic and necessary few will help them to take action. Being too confused with numerous choices will only annoy them and they will eventually leave. And that’s why we make it easier for the users to make their choices. 

D: How Fast The Website Needs To Be?

No one has the time for slow loading web pages. Any page that takes more than 2 seconds to display any kind of information will be abandoned by the user in a heartbeat. And that’s why our web redesign best practices include making the website a fast loading one so that the user doesn’t have to wait to begin their journey with you. 

There are many ways of making the website faster, including compressing images, caching the static data and many more. And we follow all of them to make your website load faster than any other website on the internet.

E: How Important Is It To Go Social On Your Website?

Getting social is very important today, especially if you want more sales and customers. And that’s why we made sure to integrate social media integration as a part of our web design best practice. Whether it is sharing your website blog through social media or being a part of your social media journey, we help the users to connect to you on a social level so that the connection only gets deeper with time. 


If you feel as if your website is not working, then there’s no reason to get disheartened. Through a redesign, you can not only change the complete look of your website but also turn it into a lead generation machine. All you have to do is to keep in mind all the important aspects of web redesign and the steps we mentioned above. And if you have more questions about how to redesign a website, then shoot us a call or mail us, we are always here to help

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