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Medical Website Design: Boosting Online Presence for Medical Practitioners

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A strong web presence of your business always counts. A company with a website expected to grow by 40 percent faster than companies that do not have a website. Medical websites portray a number of unique requirements that helps you to attract new patients, educate them and provide a strong communication vehicle.

First impression always counts and on the web it is the layout, design and functionality your medical website that is going to make or break the impression on its viewers. Two FAQs that often our client poses us when they seek for medical website design services are –

  • What makes a good medical website design?
  • How will you make my website more appealing?

What we have to say them? – The biggest factor for a viewer to leave a website in a fraction of seconds is their visual appeal. Yes, a confused and messed up site will distract and deviate your viewer’s path. What your viewer wants is a website that allows patients from different countries and cities to access relevant medical information. What do you mean by relevant information? Let us take you on a short tour of medical websites and their advantages:

    • Most important feature of a website is that it is going to provide information to patients for 24 hours a day.

Consider a medical professional directory that makes phone number, address, office hours and content available to patients 24 hours a day. This can be helpful for patients experiencing medical emergencies.

  • Websites is a source of easy access to patients to request appointment to doctors.

Websites that includes buttons such as appointment button makes it easy for patients to make appointments even if the clinic is not open. UIPL provides secure online appointment forms to all medical practices to improve ease of use and patient security on a medical website.

  • Websites helps to increase the efficiency within your clinic.

As you have a website you do not have to bother about the practice and online appointment forms, thus reducing the time your staff invests on the phones answering those frequently asked questions. You staffs get more time to focus on patients and improve your practice.

  • Websites gives you the ability to provide accurate, important information to current and potential clients.

Your website turns into a knowledge base for the patient increases credibility.

  • Customer experience matters a lot and a website keeps on boosting that.

Patients have faced those long queues to fill up the patient’s form for appointment or other schedule fixing. Websites allows your patients to download the forms and fill them out reflect about your responsive nature thus customer experience gets a boost.

Role of UIPL as the Best Medical Website Design Company – Let us share some knowledge and concept of medical website design services that takes place in our company. A brief idea that will help you to know what do we leverage to keep your websites stay ahead of the competition.
Some of our unique medical website design solutions include:

    • We make sure that your medical website design looks professional and is visually pleasing.

We stress on the use of neat layouts and uniform navigation and keep text in colors and sizes that are easy to read and with the use of web-friendly fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri)

  • We make sure that your medical website design is compatible with latest statistics on the computer screen resolutions.

The average size of the computer screen is 1200 pixels, so we conform to the standards to improve your image presence on web.

  • Websites active on all browsers is the most important aspect.

We make your website compatible for all major browsers in various versions: (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari)

  • Optimizing all the pages.

We optimize almost everything titles and headings, use bullet points and shorter sentences when possible and include relevant keywords as well.

  • Emphasizing, “Contact us page” by placing the phone number in the header of all pages website.

We stress on the implementation of a clear ‘Contact Us’ section that is accessible from any page. Our developers install a clear call to action for Appointment Requests.

  • Always share obvious and relevant information.

It is important to include the office hours, information on after hours contact, and insurance information on a medical website. We ask for it from our clients to make the websites more extended.

  • Help installing online appointment request forms on all pages of the website.

This feature ensures our clients to tap those leads that visit the site during off hours, at nights and on weekends. If the clinic is closed, they cannot call, but if there is a form to complete, they will obviously use it.

  • Allowing medical websites to have online bill pay opportunities.

People pay everything online, then why not their medical bills. People feel inclined to make payments if there is a convenient way to do it.

  • Security is an important aspect on which we share our due attention.

Our developer ensures that any communication with the medical practice through the website such as interactive forms, online bill pay, and appointment requests stays secure. The use of 256-bit encryption and use of “https” in the domain are the primary features on which developers focus.

  • Restrain from the use of flash applications.

As we know that flash products not supported by many devices such as iPhone and iPad. Most words and images include within them do not show up on the engine search.

Making Your Medical Website Responsive
Responsive website design is an inevitable design service that helps business to reach out to audience accessing your website from different devices. As per the latest statistics, 1/3 of internet traffic is now on a mobile device. It is important to offer those visitors a version of your site that works all their devices. Be sure to use codes that detect a visitor when he or she comes to your website from a phone or tablet and automatically directs them to that version.

Build a Medical Website with Unified Infotech!

UIPL provides clients with semi-custom and custom medical website designs. Apart from that, we create quality design for medical practitioners or make medical directories or websites for clinics with secure online appointment forms and keyword-friendly medical contents. To Make a Website Call: +913340602205 or Mail Us at [email protected] for further information.

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