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Website Design Trends Which Will Fetch Great Results in 2017

Dec 27, 2016 | 4 Minutes Read

What's Inside

Designers had a wonderful equation with technology since the last few years. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript engines played a pivotal role to facilitate a designer. Previously, a website design company never had so many options at their disposal. The combination of creativity and technology has opened many new avenues for designers. As the year is about to end, a new set of web design trends will emerge. On the eve of New Year, websites will surprise users with interactive designs. In fact, there are a number of other interesting things, which will come up.

Web Design and User Interaction

Leaving an impression on the mind of users through interactive design is the key. In the 21st century, a user interface with an interactive layout works best. The digital transformation era is undergoing through a creative makeover. Designing here plays a pivotal role. A website design company brings the latest designing trends to the table. It makes your website look even more appealing. Impressing the visitors is no more a tough task these days. With user- oriented designs, one can catch the attention of the user easily. Navigation tools, interactive elements constitute the major part of web designing. Every business has the innate desire to create an attractive design. This is possible only with web design.

Potential customers usually come back to your website by looking at the overall appearance. Staying on top of the technological evolution is a vital thing for business. Making a mark in the global tech platform is not an easy task. A good web design can help you to get a good web presence. The only way to retain customers is through an impressive design. It leads to more traffic and increased conversions. To make a good design, the design, the layout has to be simple. Pages, which load faster, ensure that the user stays on the web page for long. Four elements constitute the design interface. They are input controls, navigational components, containers and informational components.

Visual consistency forms an important part in user interface. The lack of consistency can drive away visitors. Users stay on a website due to its visual appeal. Any website design company therefore focuses on creating a beautiful interface. An appealing interface leads to increased usability, evokes an emotional response in user’s mind. At the same time, it makes communication easier and flawless. Therefore, it removes the gap between the end user and the marketer.

Web Design Trends To Dominate In New Year

In the digital marketing space, a plenty of innovations are in progress. In 2017, design will occupy a formidable position in a company’s growth. The more user friendly the design, the more will be the time spent by a visitor. So, which are the trends, which will finally make to the designing industry in 2017? Time to take a look at them.

Responsive Web Design To Take Centrestage

Responsive Design is more than a requirement in today’s digital age. Most of the users today access internet through mobile phones. As a retailer, you are completely unaware of the user’s device. It is therefore, an intelligent decision is to go for responsive design. Starting from a web application to a mobile app, users mostly use mobile as a device to access internet. To give a seamless viewing experience, responsive web design is an instant solution. A website design company thrives on it for engaging more users.

Rise Of The Semi Flat Design 

In 2017, the urge to show the elements on a single interface will rise. This will unite the transitions. For a viewer, it will bring more clarity in terms of the website’s appearance. Semi flat designs make it easier for visitors to get a clear idea of the website. It guides them effectively through the structure of the website. It brings clarity in understanding the navigational path in a web page. However, execution is a difficult process, but a flat design simplifies the task.

Minimum Micro Interactions 

To enhance the mobile experience of the end user, it is necessary to convince the user. It offers direct control and guidance to give the ultimate experience. With minimum designs, the web pages remain clutterless. They constantly follow the primary reasons responsible for less visitors’ interactions. The digital transformation era in the coming time will experience more advance interactions. The primary focus on user oriented designs. With too much content, on one page, users might get frustrated.

Parallax Scrolling To Come To Focus 

Scrolling through various parts of a website is not something, which is new. It has been in use since the beginning of the dotcom era. A website design company, which uses it intelligently, knows the benefits. One touch scrolling engages more users. They also take content through a progressive control. To enhance the user experience, the evolution of a brand is necessary. It will offer the same experience to the user of various devices.

Bolder Use Of Typography

2017 will see much bolder use of typography. Fonts will find their use in a much engaging manner. The latest trend is to blend all the fonts together within a page. The benefit is that such kinds of fonts are compatible. One important thing to keep in mind is that they must match the brand value to reach to the right target audience. For instance: a single graphic element uses short description for every service.

In a website, two things matter the most are conversions and the right call-to-action. While call-to-action is an easier thing to deliver. Conversions, on the other hand constitute good design. In 2017, these design trends will dominate the industry for better web development. If you target the right users following the right trends, you will definitely stay ahead of the competitors next year.

As a website design company, you will get the perfect solution for all your design needs. Give your website a unique look on the eve of new year. Our designers will give a creative facelift to your website. We’re also offering a 20% discount on mobile application and web design and development. So, without wasting any time, mail us your requirement at [email protected].

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