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Website Development Service: Decoding RESTful APIs with Laravel and PHP

What's Inside

The word ‘RESTful API’ rests on two things – RESTful and APIs. Both of them combine to create an application program interface. Now, a common question, which might arise in the mind, is “Why website development service companies use it?” The answer is that this programming interface uses HTTP to create a hypermedia-based interface for any website. Representational State Transfer, finds its usage in browsers. Websites like Amazon, Google and LinkedIn often take their help as they are the best solutions for managing cloud-based services.

Combining Modern Technology

To make a good RESTful API, one doesn’t need to apply technical expertise to create an advanced model framework. There are technologies that can do the task quite easily. Here, we will take Laravel and PHP and show you how it is possible to create a RESTful API with their help.

Why Laravel and not any other framework?

That’s because it consists of some of the best PHP frameworks. Moreover, it includes components of Symfony, which is one of the most mature frameworks from PHP. The powerful features comprise of Artisan- a command line interface, ORM and a templating engine. As a developer, who deals in website development service, you get a toolkit to make applications in various sizes and shapes. Installing the program is simply done with Composer and PHP dependency manager. Laravel installation consists of documentation with clear instructions. Any developer having a good knowledge of the MVC model and PHP will find the process quite easier.

RESTful API manages itself in three ways – in client server, stateless and cacheable mode. While the client-server deals with the front end, the server, on the other hand, manages the backend and can replace both of them. Stateless restricts client’s data from storing on the server. Opting for the cacheable performance help browsers to improve their performance. They often take the advantage of Cloud Data Management and Openstack swift to deliver the output to the client. RESTful APIs prevents any kind of hypermedia system from executing any kind of emerging properties. This includes simplification, modification, visibility and improving the performance of the web application.

The client-server architecture has numerous internet media types, response codes, and requests. Therefore, a company dealing in website development service using RESTful API use all the HTTP protocol to enable gateway and proxy components from performing any additional things on the network like security enhancement and caching..

Decoding RESTful API

As discussed in the beginning of this blog, Laravel forms an important part in creating an API that is dependable and at the same time fetched best results to develop a real-time web application. For a company offering website development service, it can be an alternate way to give birth to an easy technology for developing complex applications.

How to do it?

Before starting to work with Laravel and RESTful APIs, keep in mind about the most popular API  formats – PHP, JSON, SOAP, XML-RPC, and REST. You need an API key in order to get access to another API. One of the ways to do it is with ‘Open Automation.’ Also known as oAuth.

Laravel provides an infinitely easier way to execute the APIs. A website development service company can directly make use of the framework to make the finest RESTful APIs. One might jump to the conclusion that even without using a particular route, one can respond to a number of queries, which arise while executing the program. It is one of the most resourceful things, which you have in your hand.

Use of Resource Controller

Closure callbacks are one of the ways to reply directly on the routes.php file. While making an application, shifting response logic to controllers are one of the primary things done in order to keep the code organized. We can either define the routes for the action or can also reduce the hassle by using Laravel with the help of Resource controllers. Instead of using the Route.get, one can also use the command to create a NameController.php. As a web app development company, one can also define many routes and name the resource.

Correct Authentication

Often considered as the primary characteristic of API, a developer can implement authentication in a number of ways. Since we are talking here of Laravel, we will take a look at how we can implement it along with the technology after using it with the basic HTTP. Previously, it was the basic authentication process for configuring the web server like Nginx and Apache, but now there is more than one detail used. Remember, when you are using it for the basic HTTP authentication process, keep in mind that you configure it an updated server.

Take Care of Migrations

While executing a RESTful API, two major things are important – The stats table and the polls table. While the polls table stores all the polls, the stats table keeps the stats with themselves. Create a model with a great database Laravel migration. One way to do it is by creating the migration table with the help of artisan migrate. Make a table name and use the questions. Leave the options, by selecting the user. Keep a number of options available as you might require them in some other situations. You can also take the help of database seedings and use it with Laravel.

Routing Helps

There is a RESTful user interface, which uses commands like the post, put and deletes. All the three accepts two kinds of arguments- router name and closure action. Subsequently, one can also define the closure action of the router. Routing closures are often the best way to deal with it. Remember, route closures are just the perfect choice for making web applications on a smaller scale and for making prototypes. If you want to make larger applications, always go for controllers. They ensure organizing the code in a better way.

You can completely trust on us when it comes to executing a project for website development service. We deliver robustly tested applications using the latest frameworks and tools. Currently, we are offering a 20% discount on mobile applications and web design and development. To get more information, you can send us an email at [email protected].

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