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Gain easy access to end-to-end quality web development services near Los Angeles. Now sustain and thrive in an ever-evolving digital marketplace with our precise, robust, secure, and impactful web-based solutions.

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Services Offered By Our Web Development Company California

We are a premium web development company in California offering high-quality services throughout the state. Now drive business growth, gain scalability, and secure your data with our comprehensive web development services.


Custom Web Development

Conveniently avail of our web development services near your location. Our full-cycle custom web development services start with research-based strategy formulation and end with successfully deploying your web solution. Leverage the operational efficiencies of our web-based solutions to attain sustainable and scalable commercial success.


CMS Web Development

Customized yet cost-effective, our California-based web development services offer feature-packed, secure, and scalable CMS web solutions. Use our dedicated and experienced web developers to tailor-manage your web content effortlessly. Integrate third-party tools seamlessly for enhanced web solution functionalities.


Ecommerce Web Development

Build industry-specific eCommerce web-based solutions to manage your online retail business effortlessly. As a well-known web development company in Los Angeles, we integrate end-to-end functionalities like payment gateways, appealing product displays, flawless UX, and round-the-clock maintenance to offer a delightful experience for all users.


SaaS Web Development

Innovate your SaaS web development with our SaaS development services exclusively curated for start-ups, SMEs, and enterprises. We reduce time-to-market by integrating latest trends and reusable frameworks and technologies. API engineering, distributed architecture, and automated testing further help improve our SaaS web solutions.


Progressive Web Apps

Consolidate your position as a business leader. Avail of our progressive web app development expertise. We build cutting-edge PWA that render a native-like, immersive desktop experience. Interact effortlessly with your users and maximize user engagement with faster load times, highly interactive content, and an app-like interface.


Portal Development

Cater to the exclusive needs of your clients with our web portal development services. We have succeeded as a web portal development agency in California because of the functionalities we pack into your web portal. Our easy-to-interact interface will further endear you to your clients and improve your growth potential.


Web Migration Services

Update your legacy systems and make them more interactive, scalable, and secure. Our exclusive web migration services will customize a responsive web-based solution aligned with your current and future business needs. We guarantee you will scale new heights of success with the web solution we develop.


Support & Maintenance

Ensure the consistent performance of your web solution. As one of the best web development companies near Los Angeles, we guarantee the performance of your web-based solution by conducting regular web health audits & updating your web solution. We also proactively monitor your web solution for vulnerabilities to safeguard your data & information.

Success Stories

Web development for a US-based e-Learning platform to help them achieve 97.2% user base growth.

Web development for a global pharmaceutical giant that streamlined their workflows.

e-Commerce web development that achieved a 50% increase in monthly orders for online shopping brand

Web-based solution development for a well-known Fortune 50 Media Company

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    Unified Infotech’s Approach To Custom Web Design And Development In Los Angeles

    Quality matters, and so does cost efficiency. As an experienced web development company in California, our development process is customized to reflect these attributes. We work closely with our clients and keep them updated about the real-time developments taking place. This open communication allows us to implement real-time feedback and suggestions and reduce the TAT of the developed web solution. Let us take a quick look at the different stages of our web development process.








    QA & Testing



    Our strategy team excels at understanding client requirements. Insights gained from client discussions are further fine-tuned with business process analysis and competitor website research. Finally, we outline the scope of the web development project based on these findings

    We leverage target audience analysis to design convenient and frictionless user journeys. Our team of dedicated web developers introduces functionalities that optimize usability and enhance navigation to improve user experiences across the board.

    As a premier web development company in California, we specialize in developing clean codes with minimal errors. We execute all technical and functional details carefully to ensure the optimal performance of our web-based solutions. Our skilled web developers handle each web development project with the same precision and diligence, irrespective of whether the client requires a new web solution or wants to augment an existing web portal.

    We know that quality assurance is the key to delivering high-quality web solutions. By implementing an exhaustive testing process that includes design evaluation, performance testing, user acceptance testing, load testing, etc., we try to uncover and eliminate all bugs, flaws, or functional errors in the developed solution. Precision QA makes us one of the sought-out web development companies in California.

    Improper deployment can lead to application integration errors, poor user experience, and security vulnerabilities. To overcome these challenges, we transfer the codebase and other assets from the staging to the production environment with minute precision. An intuitive and analytics-based approach to choosing the right deployment techniques and tools ensures the success of our Los Angeles web development company.

    Why Us from among All Other Web Development Companies in Los Angeles

    We deliver top-of-the-line web-based solutions customized to meet individual business requirements. Our strategically planned processes, unmatched tech-stack selection, and robust security measures enhance our chances of developing agile web solutions with precision.


    Developing industry-specific web-based solutions for SMEs, start-ups, and enterprises is an acquired specialization. Our journey of over 13+ years as a web development company in California has helped us refine this specialization to understand industry-specific needs intuitively. From consultation to guidance, design, and development to deployment of secure solutions, we execute every step with calculated precision.

    Quality with affordability

    Each project comes with a predefined budget. In most cases, there is a glaring gap between the project requirements and the allocated budget. We specialize in minimizing this gap. As the best web development company near your location, we offer affordability with quality. An intelligent selection of open-source tech stacks and a strategically planned development process helps us maximize the functionalities and features the client’s budget permits.

    Expertise & Experience

    A diversely-skilled team of developers powers us. With varying experience and in-depth knowledge about the latest web development trends, we tackle each project with an amazing amalgamation of experience, expertise, and technology. We offer 360-degree value to clients with our bouquet of services that include web design, mobile app development, web development, and custom software development.

    To Know More About Our Web Development Services In California

    Security measures adopted by our web development company near Los Angeles


    As a popular web development agency near Los Angeles, we have achieved considerable success. These years of experience has taught us that no amount of web security measures is ever enough to mitigate cyber threats. Countering online security challenges requires consistent knowledge updation and real-time monitoring. We mitigate critical cyber vulnerabilities by strategically designing a robust online security policy. Some threats that we actively monitor for include:

    Remote File Inclusion

    Malicious server scripts are executed within your web server through remote file injection

    SQL Injection

    Confidential information is revealed along with database manipulation by using malicious SQL codes

    Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

    Injected scripts work by altering page content, activating Trojans, or targeting users to access accounts

    Cross-site Request Forgery

    Altered passwords, unsolicited fund transfers, and data threats result from this malicious attack

    < / >
    • Ingress traffic filtering
    • Bad Bot Protection
    • Application Firewall
    • Access Control (2FA)
    • Encrypting URL parameters
    • SSL secured

    Our security solutions

    Technology Stack We Practice

    DevOps & Infrastructure
    Collaboration Tools

    We Understand Your Industry

    Our web development company in California addresses a wide spectrum of web development needs by catering to clients across different industries.

    • Education
    • Banking & Insurance
    • Healthcare & Pharma
    • IT & Software
    • Professional Services
    • Retail
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • Construction

    Our tailored e-learning web development solutions ensure a frictionless e-Learning journey. Conducting thorough research on this industry helps us grasp its unique requirements. We integrate these insights to create web portals that offer an exceptional educational experience.


    We are a value-driven custom web design & development company in los angeles. Our scalable, resilient, and highly secure fintech web-based solutions enhance banking & insurance company capabilities. These solutions integrate features like trading and payment platforms, credit management, etc., to help fintech companies reach their desired goals.


    Leverage our unique healthcare web development prowess to develop custom web-based solutions. We have extensive experience building different web solutions for the healthcare and pharma sectors. This places us in a unique position where we can proactively comprehend the unique requirements of this sector and build precise web solutions to fulfill them.


    Choose the specialized IT consulting and web development capabilities of our California web development company to create a new web solution or revamp an old one. Our web solutions are tailor-made for your IT requirements. They empower you to overcome your business IT challenges and generate opportunities for business growth.


    Our dedicated web developers are capable of anticipating California’s inherent professional requirements. We offer on-demand web development services that modernize professional services, streamline them, and align them to the custom requirement of the clients. We deliver high-quality web-based solutions through technical brilliance, experience, foresight, and research.


    The retail and eCommerce industry is highly customer-centric. Hence their requirements are also unique. We have already developed many successful eCommerce web solutions. The expertise gathered through this experience, combined with our updated knowledge about the latest technology trends, makes us immensely capable of catering to the needs of this sector.


    User experience plays a significant role in travel and hospitality. California offers varied delights for travelers and hence experiences a massive influx of tourists. As one of the web developer companies near Los Angeles, we custom-build web solutions that help companies establish better user connect with seamless travel planning, hotel management, ticket, and vehicle booking, etc.


    Aesthetics and usability go hand-in-hand in this industry. The ability to cater to the varied needs of this industry comes from years of experience gathered by our web development agency in California. We help companies in the construction industry attain flexibility, resilience, and scalability by developing web-based solutions that are in sync with the needs and goals of individual companies and their target audience.


    You Can Share Your Project Requirements Even If Your Industry Is Not Listed Here.

    Our California Web Development Company Engagement Models

    How we interact with our clients and customers significantly impacts the popularity we enjoy as a well-known web development company in California. We have adopted specific engagement models to prevent lacunae from appearing in our rendered web development services. Our engagement models have been chosen after meticulous research. It helps us reach a wider audience and cater to their diverse needs.

    know more


    Small-scale web development projects characterized by a well-defined scope of work should opt for this engagement model. The project scope and costs are determined before the contract is signed, and the web development project is executed accordingly.


    We offer this engagement model to companies and enterprises that want absolute control over their projects. As an established web development company in California, we can offer our clients this flexibility by engaging a dedicated team to cater to their projects and keep them updated with real-time progress.


    Companies with mid or high-end web development requirements should opt for this model if their scope of work is not defined and expected to evolve during the course of the project. This engagement model provides ample flexibility because companies can evolve their project specifications based on changing business priorities, trends, or market types.


    We generally offer this engagement model to clients who require support and maintenance services after the web solution has been developed. Here, the budget is fixed, and project complexities have no impact on the same.


    Companies with small to mid-sized web development projects should opt for this engagement model. This model is of great advantage for projects with flexible budgets because clients have the option to carry forward unutilized work hours.

    What Our Client Says...

    UI worked like a true partner, & delivered a top-notch software product that significantly elevated our customer experience.

    Dan Milczarski

    Head of Development, CQ Fluency

    UI performed flawlessly and has been a great partner. Their consulting and suggestions have been game-changing.

    Dr. Jason Ryan

    CEO, Boards & Beyond

    We Are Looking Forward To Developing A Web Solution For You

    Build Your Custom software development team


    Discovery Worshop

    This brings alignment in terms of end-user persona and business needs



    Emphasize on planning to get everything documented without assumption



    Next step is to design the UI based on the approved wireframes



    Crafting an optimized clean code structure is our objective at this stage



    Once bug fixing is done, the final sprint demo is sent for the client’s approval



    We also upgrade the system regularly based on new software/version release

    Project Managers

    Our project manager micromanages everything from planning and developing project ideas, tracking progress to the evaluation of project performance.

    Tools and Technologies Used:

    Team Gnatt, Jira, Confluence, MS Project, MS Teams

    Business Analyst

    Our expert business analysts form detailed insights and suggest business changes through meticulous analysis and documentation.

    Tools and Technologies Used:

    Jira, Confluence, Epic Mapping, Use Case Documentation

    UI Designers

    Our experienced UI designers work in tandem with web designers to create modern and interactive interfaces to ensure enhanced user experience and conversion rates.

    Tools and Technologies Used:

    Zeplin, Axure RP, Sketch, Figma, Adobe, Invision, Shutterstock, Flaticon

    Frontend Developers

    Our front-end developers are responsible for creating compelling visual elements on a page and building the website’s client side. They ensure that the viewers have the best experience and interaction.

    Tools and Technologies Used:

    ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React Native

    Backend Developers

    Our backend developers focus on managing data exchange between the users and server. They develop server-side logic, maintain a central database, and endure responsiveness to front-end requests.

    Tools and Technologies Used:

    PHP, Laravel, Python, Nest.js, Express.js, Node.js


    Our DevOps engineers play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of the IT architecture. They rely on CI/CD practices to combine codes and maintain and manage applications.

    Tools and Technologies Used:

    AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Digital Ocean

    Testing and QA Teams

    To ensure optimum software solution performance and functionality, our sedulous QA engineers and testing teams employ various testing methodologies from manual to intricate automated testing.

    Tools and Technologies Used:

    Codacy, BrowserStack, TestRail

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should we opt for custom web development?

    The ability to get a tailored web solution that fits in with the precise requirement of your business is a big advantage. You gain other associated benefits, like performance optimization, scalability, robust security, the flexibility to evolve, support and maintenance, and long-term cost-efficiency. These advantages help streamline your business and enhance its growth potential by adopting a user-centric approach.

    How does Unified Infotech, a custom web development company in California, ensure the consistent performance of your web solutions?

    All web solutions need maintenance. They must be updated to ensure performance consistency. Our web solutions are empowered with robust security measures. Still, as cyber threats evolve, these solutions must be proactively monitored to eliminate loopholes that make them vulnerable. As an experienced web development company near your location, we offer you the support and maintenance engagement model. By opting for this, you avail the above-mentioned services and ensure your web solution's health and consistent performance.

    Do you only offer web development services near Los Angeles?

    You can avail of our web development services from any place in California. Our services are available across the length and breadth of California. Just fill up and submit the “Contact Us” form given above, and our qualified professionals will get back to you soon.

    What makes your California web development company cost-effective?

    We generally opt for quality open-source tech stacks. This reduces your web development costs considerably. Additionally, we keep you involved in the project by optimizing our development process and maintaining clear communications. We also encourage you to share real-time feedback so that it can be integrated during the development stage, thereby reducing your TAT and web development costs.

    I already have a web platform, but I want to upgrade it, can you do it?

    Yes. Irrespective of whether you want a web solution developed from scratch or an upgrade to your existing web solution, our technology experts will execute it with the same professionalism and precision. Hence, you can come to us to upgrade your web solution.

    Do you offer any other service other than web development?

    Along with web development, we offer IT Consulting, mobile app development, web designing, and custom software development.