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The collaboration of technology and business is something, which cannot be overlooked. Both of them have delivered results that have helped brands to grow larger and establish themselves as a premier marketing organization. There has been a huge shift in the digital world with the ongoing transformation that is taking place. Marketers these days are allocating a considerable portion of their budget behind web development. According to a research done by Gartner in 2015, it was found that marketers spend 61% of their budget. The figure is an indication of how important technology is to a company. Marketers these days are constantly figuring out ways and methods to move ahead of their competitors and technology is one of the ways.

Some significant problems faced by the companies such as bad website performance, data analytics and security can no longer be considered as an IT problem. They are now considered to be a part of the web design and development. After an intensive research, team Unified has come up with the technologies, which you need to adopt today to ensure positive results for your business.


They are the foundation of a programming language that makes the process of writing programming languages easier. They help to eliminate the tough task of setting up a new web application.

We recommend you to use the following frameworks for your business

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Ionic
  3. Bootstarp
  4. WordPress
  5. Backbone.js
  6. Ember.js
  7. Angular.js
  8. .NET
  9. Drupal
  10. Meteor
  11. Node.js

Programming Language

Without a programming language, it becomes impossible for the developer to work because this is the only mode of communication with the computers.

We recommend you to use the following programming languages for your business

  1. Java
  2. Swift
  3. Objective-C
  4. Go
  5. PHP
  6. Ruby
  7. Python
  8. Coffeescript
  9. Javascript


Browser establishes the communication between humans and the virtual world. They are the window to the digital world. For your business to succeed it is important to have the right browser.

We recommend you to use the following browsers for your business

  1. Safari
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Firefox


Databases store all your important data of your company along with the applications. Starting at the record of employees to the information of accounts or fixed assets without a database your business cannot survive. Similarly even in a technology company, it is imperative to have advanced databases.

We recommend you to use the following databases for your business

  1. SQL Server
  2. Oracle
  3. MySQL
  4. PostgreSQL
  5. Redis
  6. MongoDB


While writing complicated codes, libraries are something that proves to be of immense helpful. They ease the process of development as the developer doesn’t have to go through the tiring stage of writing code. We recommend you to use Underscore and jQuery in order to get optimum output.

Check out this wonderful video and learn how to set up a local coding workflow while developing web application

If you want to successfully implement these web development technologies then it is necessary to take some important things into consideration. These are mandatory things to follow if you want to implement the web development technologies in your organization.

Focus on Performance

Loading time of a website is an important matter of consideration. It is true that a website which takes ten seconds to load is slow, but nowadays, it’s a completely different scenario. If a web page doesn’t open within 10 seconds, then visitors will leave your website and open a competitor’s website. The slow performance of a website not only hamper the reputation of a website, but it will also lure away traffic from the website and reduce their trust in your brand.

Consider Privacy

Proper investment in protecting the privacy of the company’s data should be top of the mind consideration for any business person. More and more websites are now switching over to https from http. There are many privacy invasive technologies like encryption, user-tracking protocols, site visitor tracking and much more that provides piracy, but if one doesn’t adopt suitable measure in protecting the technology, then there is no use in investing in technology.

Accessibility Mixed With Design

Accessibility of a website is an important factor as there are some audiences with disabilities. Adopting unique designing techniques means creating a universal accessible solutions in terms of designing. Many businesses having their online presence have failed to capture the audience in the right way as they have not been successful to divide the audience in terms of demographics and other factors. Hence, it is important for the marketers to realize the need of using web development technologies when it comes to understanding digital marketing.


Data and content are two important things for a firm which are involved in delivering IT solutions. Sensitive data of the customers as well as of the firm can easily fall prey to a hack by the third party. In order to secure a website, it is necessary to protect the web application. Apart from this, one should regularly update the software or any other applications. Many large business organizations around the world have security analyst, who estimate the risk associated or the threats that a company’s data is vulnerable to. In today’s world, where frequent leaks are not unusual, it is necessary for a business to adopt correct security measures so that it doesn’t fall prey to the hand’s of the hackers. Privacy and compliance are the two main important factors, which you should always keep in mind if you have sensitive information in your database.

Web Development technologies have fastened the process of development for sure. It allows developers to solve a problem from a new perspective. The fundamental approach to web development should be followed by proper evaluation and improved security services. In this age of digitization, where every solution is solved online, these advanced web development technologies has opened the doors of development to the technological world.

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